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Most Profitable Energy,

For Man Kind Ever; Light ! 

1: Net Energy Earning & Legal Profit to Tax, NEEP,

2: Global electrification investments to SLES Power,

3: All Traffic, Households, Industries self powered,

4: Transformation to Global Energy Profit in NoFuel,


6: Cash. National accountings: Balance my Trillions,

SLES-Economics hyper growth in the energy sector out of deficit fossil branch Credit-Economy running global energy without Energy Earning to Tax, by new Lawsets in bookkeeping treasure Carbon to deposit to have future Climate Management ready,

7: Free market and free competition producing energy. Concept change to SLES-Products and market solves both energy and Reversing Climate Change in capital a No-Cost Tax-Profitable capital-istic on Real Value by cash print on my new Values,

8: Free press, agenda what product by name solves to remove Renewable Swindlers in "Green"-Frauds and engineer fantasts, their calculations published,

9: Public Prosecutions of State criminal swindlers manipulates against truth any "Renewable" industry,

10: Now y. 19 contracting with owner JENS PETER.

11: Global financial demands by Planet State Global by SPE friendly Nations in multi trillions against fossil corporatists, Fossil Branch Unions, and National Banks heads, who never invested in SLES Shares to further gain by criminal profit and credits are excluded eternally by product. The pyromanic and cheering ressources on fire being Liberal but reality criminals!, leading to disasters in devastating civilisations avoiding Labour to understand new and healthy low risk jobs schooled i.e. manufacturing SLES Products, service at OSP-Power Plants incl. Off-Shore, Windtop Operator etc.

Windtops by JENS PETER, Chief Engineer, in action in the sunset. Catch both win and solar in this SLES invent. Windpower 10-75 MWh + Solar 10-100+ MWh via JENS PETER Kettles. More link

My corporate logos. I save for you in power production 97% coal and oil and gas for electricity production. By Light heat up no CO2 emissions ever and less heat loss KWh.

The Right to produce is Sole mine as inventor. A steam kettle also heated up by fossils where smoke gasses are lead outside closed steam water recirculation, and primary concentrated Light generates a dynamo jet during steam pressure. After passing the jets the steam is cooled of condensation and runs as water at 99,9 Degrees Celsius at 1 Bar. The hot rain water+ then recycle and only need to heat up in use KWh is from 99,9 to 100 Degree Celsius back to Jens Peters Kettles, and not waste along with fossil gasses like CO2.

The psychic is grama school my invent year 1978 Valeroed public school pensum in KWh calculation. Then Jens Peter Kettles was invented. 1967 the first Optical Solar Panel was my invent. All can imagine a refrigerator cooling down steam just like rain in Nature is happening. It takes less energy to cool down, than it takes to heat up (convection).

Corporate logos illustrates.

My corporate logos illustrates a few principles in light gathering a catch of light. 4 major techs are 1. Gather lens, 2. Parabolas in mirror, 3. Linares, 4. Geometric mirrors and combined. In logos black line is mirror. White is free space. Yellow is light travels controlled. Blue lens optic. Blue sealed. OBS. (R)MP variations. 

Corporate logos functions.

Light enter parallel lines is Mirror Pipes open. Light is spotted like a laser pen does in any light here. Light hits gather lens in any sun angle right on lens to focus fire point(s). In focus point(s) is main Mirror Pipe and light is lead out concentrated. Light is trapped from leaving untamed by Reflector Mirror Pipe(s) blinded Mirror Pipe what spots light backwards or directs light.

Parabola Mirror the same. Here haul mirror(s) reflects light to focus point(s) into Reflector Mirror Pipe(s).

Geometric  in Logo's light hits odd and reflects into next layer forms in mirror then caught. In figure inside Reflector Mirror Pipe, so Light on hold back. Without RMP flat Reflector Point Light spreads out causes less caught. Geometric from haul bottom and crum top to  needle with haul mirror bottom. Production robotics and magnetics in layers of plast, glas, minerals, as fluids macro in forms, dust,  molecular i.e. magnetic metal (magnet) eloxated  or coated reflecting metals, or crystals in magnet (power-) field, see fluid crystal display technologies, etc. And in combination Linaer's.

 Linaere's principle is One Way Directors, OWD's.

SLES Optical Solar Panels in fields.

Any surface and color also transparent of panels, and or in a given field plates/panels of SLES is placed in multiple Spot-SunCells in squares in separate and from each panel a laser sunlight spot is pointing at a One-way Director or cell from corporate logos as examples. And or Optical Solar Panels are placed flat in serial pointing by laser spot beam into one another from aside and else. From one-way directors into huge Light Pipe Ways inside laser beams in light not touching inside mirror of pine meeting transmission squares of open Mirror Pipes spotting/beaming further on with as little as possible light energy KWh loss as possible. Several "huge" Light Pipe Ways can meet in up to several Km2 of SLES i.e. placed Nordic to support equal as the world biggest double nuclear power plants in KWh output delivered.

Producing SLES energy at night.

Traditional in heating up i.e. Sea Salt technical to a melt. Over heat exchanger to kettle steam creation of water recycling cooling steam back to water 99,9 degrees Celsius fluid hot reheated up again only 0,1 degrees Celsius to boil to expand 1600 times in being steam again saving over 97% energy KWh heat, in and by JENS PETER KETTLES. This means in snowfall and coverings of snow proximally 20% light are captured inside the Optical Solar Panel to function nuclear facility output no matter daily weather input.

My invent is none mechanic eternity in function only depending on build material, and its molecule lowering energy towards Hydrogen even lower. Very important for SPACE and GALAXY TRAVEL also Satellite "fuel", so extreme long living time in JENS PETER SUNLIGHT LASER ENERGY SYSTEMS.


 Jens Peter Schwartzlose Claire own State

 Mobile: +45 - 29 88 79 11 (C) State Planet Earth


 - Win Win is Debit Economics...

 By JENS PETER State Planet Earth Law Writing!

Case: Who is The Dictator of What, how done.

 So loaded in cash. After loosing industry, Real Estate and energy market in credit king bobbles, for how long the valuta valid as full payment ...

 This War is to the final the collapse the West running energy dry. I accept no excuses is my rutine. Yours nothing went my way. In respond no SLES for your economy opponents, competitors, Nations etc.

The accountable most often a Revisor Team of heads on VETO all progressive developements acts most conservative on holding back time and changes in markets going new ways and new products in psychology them the master the world the competitor to lay down.

They unionficate all turn ultra "red" in showing outmost disrespects Law and other a Legal Body properties in by treasures a manic planing rubbery, take-over, under-take in attitudes: better knowing, more solvent, in all insecurities and do by rutine never sign fiscal accounting when not head of a corporation, or let the politicians have responsibility in made-up positions named budgets out of reach new terms, definitions, calculations, global strategies, public opinions a voting to avoid own break-down their businesses methodics in by all routines prepared being out-dated.

The politicians cannot afford to say no to laid forward by accountors in to complicated for less educated. The Revisor is in Denmark named HD, an HA plus two years in accounting in specialties i.e. Tax, Real Estate, Commerce Banking. An HD Revisor can enter business for Nations never went to college so never had any competence engineering validation grade, mathematics including deferential calculation, integral calculation, vectors, high level psychics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, social science, energy learning in all.

As responsible actors as Limitators, the bordermen written in my FCSRS State year 1996,, they hold VETO in all business life, States, Nations even for president and general directors in what can State afford, and often goes: What are old gang willing to lose. Remark not a run pro Nation but own gaining's in wealth by cash, power, influence, joining's etc. By the meter my account at my disposal to start-up my industries by products living fully up to U.N. Sustainable Development holding Net <energy Earning for civilization to last, the HD and corporate lawshooled by politicians for old industry teamed up calculated and speculated nothing for me JENS PETER INDUSTRIES including my SLES and from such principle HD never expert the international Law, Laws for Wars, own heading able definition capable, they lost the West seeking PRC China to give out from my treasures in SLES and State to balance their mistake, what to them is cynical hostage taking The West economies. But Law in any Contra Espionage business is a nation never handles positions out and away changing who winner.

Read on what leads to outrageous historical consequences against the West of no chance buying up in other State businesses of SLES Technologies of mine from in specific a British mentality playing supreme to the very end as bad losers. Same goes for ECB never accepted by showing understand debit accountings from my treasures in SLES Technologies and Engineerings metered my public bank account at my personal disposal and no orders given in construction NEE Production but right opposite in old industry's of no NEE products in historical State Frauds in fake Renewables for decades.

Ad to this non investments in SLES made at all, why lesson is all SLES went import on rents in capital product to have energy income a profit investment but only on rent. The balance State sheets will show in multi trillions drained out of West economics and energy global out of USD and Pound Sterling and EURO. The attitude in lost from snob stubborn is Danish from 1970'ties about new comers to civilization: Perkerfjæs helt sat af, "Perker brain in set off" other toy in the psychiatry talk at the time a monkey sitting signal no read, no talk, no listens, "can hide" from reality.

Decrete holders bankrupted themselves. Primes, Heads and Agents for Agencies to balance their Exchange Account in the Bill made against JENS PETER Stateholder SPE. National and Unions bank heads to do the same in from nothing to me made nothing from me all in my favor. Debit never accepted so a zero value left untaxable to PRC China etc.

The West communities agenda of time rubbers in alliances socialist unionists dreaming owner a minority to rub of my wealth in coordination old gang industry stays alive as long as possible never change my ruling The West lost for evermore to point non exist sovereign governance even resolved finished. Generation next victim not my problem. The population in millions should have confronted their cheered leaders in common loosing ending a draw of bonds in an Office the PRC National Bank living on mercies the power lost amputated its industry, taken out energy economy, no future in Space travel of slut imperialists.

The agenda in full scale campaigning undermining my wellbeing showed up your leaders served PRC China as agents in a play of theirs; The fool fooled themselves in own traps of a kind Stupido imaginary percentages leading the West in the pocket of a Chinese. The biggest weakness all my easy winners from the of all time losers lies even to themselves and never found education to any their winner chance. Goal fully open by keepers got no clue my play by my rules. The opponents do not observe are loosing load value even cash never object a limit own spending, and all else lose first. But JENS PETER not in currency print but only Debit in assets hyper growth.

They don't get result board of a loosing in masses of a sort representation a sport but here from no retake, reset, replay, redraw, refresh, change of order, and the contra party bodies never spoke their handicap, illness, incompetences, actor illusions, for pause, gave any legal reply in all passivated ignorant amateurs fascinated full scale consequences never played to win but temporarily saw winning credit bobble as credit kings but going down and officials never prevented the West lost.

And lose as I write this and to continue in bate for Chinese buy ups, liquidation, foreclosures, take over in by fact the West out of spirit any winner mentality a neurotic team taken by Intelligence Superiority. Paf is the expression the mental state. Resistance please you contra Acts to a total laugh and shame on you history will show dentist smiling never pays my billing.

The Western decadence in generation separation in first gather next is spreader both wealth also legs of Charlatans the term by name of playing high stake in non credibility in no values all credit showoffs a when confronted the losses out of words led out from the tables leaving the sluts all he is is a suit laughing being the back masses loosing never told the charlatans nothing burt dressed up a shit only leaving shit behind for else to clean up its mess the charlatan a nothing but proletarian against the whole a mother fucker in disguise of suit dressed by the banks.

Business as usual don't work for the habit the suits cannot abstract premises changed by my writings and published SLES Economies and by Ecomine. In simply the foundation of going to war has changed.

No need the oil and gas burning and to fulfill credit payment, a war wasted in spend resources, human lives and against Planet reaching balance. By change of bookkeeping Laws for how businesses will Acts, and by writing off old industries old gangs war as usual by plot and scène work is outdated.

Premises do change, has changed and warlords of a new kind exposed caught in own traps, doing and log the bookkeeping a yesterday lived out against the majority in handiwork minorities of an metal industry sales.

Wars and Metal industry in corporate plots in problems over sells markets and war drum on instant in financial difficulties and no other way as system road but pre defined a communicative evidence in how thought proven by published commerce products taking over analysis and solving named human intelligence not creature.

A creatures state of mind is the armor optimum where all go kill is they buy guns in many variation manic in numbers makes the outcome not by Law but on instinct a psychiatry published 1960'ties. Hereafter most nations do not have free gun sales.

U.S.A. went in own holes in the dark hyper paranoid in by surveillance of the public room in private seeking barely Legal. By film and TV Production of kills the thriller excitement of a bored consumer life situation to create psychosis in private a reaction creation of in principle all TV is commercial non education in media makes the observer easy bate the expediently in markets showing up hypnosed when not internet shopping going crazy.

For how long after The World of Power as world a stage by gunners breed stands the "film" by Pettis of Agents confronted justice and critical State to State Law in promotions a USA metal worker is in job deadly plays and not a SLES Production.

Speculation against own territories in fact no coming holds of my SLES Engineerings to West Powers, and their processes capitalization realization resources against own population civilization don't last. Natural Resources a Free Wheel in profit making realization by devastations in hungers growth on demand after fired value. How militant primitive can it get but American all and any seen a frontier to exploit for free by capital rules in economic system brain badystate immature a mouth economics by fat asses.

The unity nothing inserted JENS PETER personal account at disposal own will for businesses in SLES ended all up in China and I keep my value placed China too. The lost only holds the West Power under Anglos leaderships all way to be bookkept and I as winner holds my Rights as sovereign State Planet Earth, what has written off as follows: U.S.A. and U.K.'s.

My decision is finale in the enemy by hostile Acts by my definitions in text for years after over half a century discrimination against my business and doings, by the families in blood or adoptee, corporates, unions, parties, people, brotherhoods, agents etc. shall have no SLES Technologies in reach, touch, posses, deal, produce, trade, transport, finance, energy supply, Space Transport/Science/bases etc.

Their World study The Gay Fall in minorities creates majorities against The Whole in most cases no longer diagnosed Homo an insanity.

The success anti the West of no West financing, private home, no private businesses, no private network, no family relations, no political relation, no social relation lead to no strings nor bonds linking me to The West, and as legal responds my winning any interacting shall never happen from my side ever. No "we" and never to share.

Trade in the coming up nearby future of imports SLES Technologies of mine i.e. cars and trucks and ships an income investment got me as dealer in the West Territories. From all mine I rule on basis released proceedings including links www, who gets products.

In by finances I rule who is responsible in the structure of above get no products, no trade, no deals, no finances/banking, no transport, no franchise nor leasings nor rent in all no hold nor co production nor implementation of my technologies ever.

As traitor a coward you can imagine you hunted in the West. As place to stay the local community gets no leverances my technologies. This too stands State Law.

Life Liars plays out in Homofelia Times an Egocentria in by do continue Egomanic profit hunts, the road of Dead Ends a conspiracy against Human Kind, Planet and generations for year millions to come.

In sake of a performed capitalization in capital to sustain over all future by any means by leaders of the Money Democracies a fascism.

A play where money no object as currency printers and governance on State Frauds thé no NEE basis united corporatives do gain and to them a crime a profit to last ... ...

Who got a survival problem in time caught by time of consequences ... ...

Literally Nations loosing People in numbers and faith pro demagogues, loosing Nature in diversity, loosing Land area overswimed, loosing and already has lost farmland for droughts to desserts the Sahara biggest showcase.

Life is Universal. Creators work a Planet in balance by Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Salt, gasses in climate management macro climates, the first industrialization Coal productions, Salt production, nutrient oceans mineralization in part to oil etc.

A perfect world the inserted "colored" life in animals (Milky way), plants (Kim figure), marine life too in salt concentration to egg osmosis adjusted i.e. salt lakes, horsts, Mediterranean Sea bottom a salt reserve down from over 3,8 % agent sea concentration etc.

My State Remains


 State Planet Earth

 Rec. Date: 20170209 SPE, in corporative jailed.


 Tel. SMS: +45 - 29887911 (C) SPE 1. FCSRS State

 Rec. Date: 20170215 08:07 CET SPE



Environmental policies by my SLES Products a profit. End of cost talk on and when True Renewable then also True Sustainable and Climate Change Reversing program Green Desserts, cleaning Oceans, Planet in Balance.

SLES in economics defined Investment not cost because spend returns in energy need covered cheap in pricing with no environmental cost by profits by new incomes, Tax provenue and all way; Start of Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Production, installed and recycled in raw material get more worth in over 100 (10 000+) year in operation. Optics sealed even maintained surfaces transparent coated in fact light no slitage from sealed no oxidation on mirrors in reduction gases.

Windtops a year hundred investment in windpower in function a hard profile sail circling half covered with the wind, what can be trimmed for all wind types. The Tang knives on Sea harvest industrialized sugars off shore in size where burning i.e. electricity backup generators or as engines (saving 97% burning by JENS PETER KETTLE on board) up scale of oil of today minimized but as reserve a buildup and carbon storage.

The only costs relevant is writing off old industry in Renewables and fossils loosing in Market Economy on free basis even bigger on State Plan Economics when, no if, SLES Production solves any energy crises to ever happen.

What all expect from power producers burning is professionalism Grossman of an mentality saving fuel and water. What needed is installation of Thé JENS PETER KETTLES on all fossil and garbage power plants to save over 97% burnings of fuel, coal, gas, garbage, fuelwood, composted, dirt etc. What I ask for now year twenty is orders or request for licenses from my firm Straight Lines Engineering Systems under SPE. The character of the spending of fuels irresponsible arrogant extravagant cash waste even where lack in fossils affordable and tab water in heavy populated regions.

Safety highest and as clean as possible for human kind and fulfilling the U.N Sustainable Development Goal number 7 COP21 from 2015. Remark the Fake Renewable in market leads to higher consumer cost power, more climate change in from more greenhouse gases in emissions because these products holds no energy break-even being Energy Deficits by take-out from store not replaced by reproduction or other inserted but energy released a loss. Import of Carbon-Hydrogen molecules from Space not relevant for reason further climate change, what must be managed correct in no tollerance of ignoring simple psychics and common learning of consequences in reality of such business of Profit Hungers against all else. To study other Planets atmosphere and climate and own as examples CLIMATE MANAGEMENTS.

From last calorie take-out being freed atmospheric and oceanic by networks heat and power production up running, so Fake Renewables a polluter in CO2. The take out from natural resources both dead and living Carbon a non reduction including garbage and dirt burning.

Time is up. Oil and gas for a few years under 50 by continued burning and curve rising, or reduced and branch exist for next 50 million years producent of mineralized oil and gas. Coal the same in restoring storage to have planet in balance. Costs they ignore in lies on no climate change, but focus should be SPE, State Plane Economics in how bookkept on making it a business producing coal from woodstuff, and producing oil for mineralization Algae's fished from filtered ocean water plus bottom layer bacteria filtered and pumped down as mud in by existing equipment oil rigs, or made natural bio-gas in factories, and pumped in to empty oil and gas reservoirs deep below in ground. Both a carbon and energy storage for hundred year millions.

As illustrated coal can be valued as metal storage since the coal is woodstuff conservated for later use and SPE CLIMATE MANAGEMENT ASSET for State household, for businesses in coal a mine what can by higher value set a opinion then fact credit basis and for credit in cash for speculation a business profitable adjusted real time real life by our times values not middle-age agent history way of life. The total in common economics are basis the value planet in balance worth including savings cost climate change to balance SPE, and national accounting so volume in value creation in this forecasting budget a out line is in multi trillions of USD and other currencies.

Economine an example in how to transform economy going legal in how businesses behave is simply by rule of how bookkept. In product mix what JENS PETER CONCEPT ENGINEERING to implement the members in energy producing sector. From the site you can read Ecomine an economy on Debit what is positive inserted accounts for Revisors.

The value growth in producing SLES Products is by invested new money in extra print in equivalent many currencies relatively measured according to invested. A SLES Product is accounted like a goldmine in known value here not gold but electricity and heat by free use of sunlight or wind power or when tang free areas as new farmland offshore. Thereby no cost but again simply down to get it done in accounting and have the production start capital printed for the process to run. The cost is in principle only the cost printing money, what today is to type records in bookkeeping and to make money transfer to producers. Common Enterprise is half up-front what covers production cost. The rest is Tax and profit. Or more upfront and cheaper products by my SLES ENGINEERINGS. The value starts in bookkeeping by project presented in by product and price set realistic engineering name Project what is hard value as contract directly in this principle to print nation currency at no cost but the legislation and the accounters job done. I await. I wait!

The Energy to solve, and from such basis all other goals leads to civilization do last at very highest grade modern times and future safe. No other in True Renewables makes higher profits in cost both finances, environmental and energy earnings.



Rec. Date: 20170217 21:00 CET SPE .


1 Km2 OSP SLES = >10 Million MW/h year (10 TW, 1,15 KWh/M2)


Entrepreneur Power/Electricity and Heat production Nordic:

1.000 000 KWh (1 GWh) production * 0.15 $Cent per KWh profit

* 24 Hours day * 364 Days year * 100 years = 131 040 000 000

= 131, 040 Billions * 10 000 Power Plants of 1 Km2 Nordic

= 1, 310 400 Trillions value asset to book-keep.

Long paper basis is over 85% of superpowers population demands climate change solved truly. One Optical Solar Power Unit Plant

1 Km2 Cost price KW: 1 000 000  000 USD / (26 000 000 KWh x 24 Hours x 364 Days x 100 Years) = $ 0,000044 4/10000 Cent KWh

USA Billion = EU Milliard. Trillion is Trillion.

My value was equal to State and Nation. And EU is State. So who is undermining EU communities. Who makes treason as proclaimed Europeans? I'm not. I am just leaving for a better life and status respected.

Optical Solar Power Unit of 1.000 M * 1.000 M

=1 Km2

cost >1.000 million USD and under half to install in existing grid connections. The world demand in about, that per 5 million people World Wide in under 100 years the demand in my Power Units of 1 Km2 OSP of 10 TW to be delivered is:

> 5 Power Plants what is State Planet Earth per

10.000 Million people alive as energy consumers electrical power, transport, heat/cooling, mining etc. gives in my budget order book:

 10.000 Million WW People by year 2100

___________________   x  25 SLES Power Plants

          <5    Million people consumers

 = 50.000 1 Km2 Optical Solar Power Units /

Optical Solar Power Plants. Basis Scandinavian power, heat and energy consumtion national 150+ Tera Watt per year includes heat and transport (Avr. 100 TW per 6 million people).

Plus estimated JENS PETER KETTLES year 2100, 10+ Bln. people on Earth. Homes living single life status, youth, students, elderly, divorsed, by choise, Homes living couple, Homes living family life, Free time houses, extra house, boat, camping a.s.o. "camps on Mars" etc. 1/5 of population State for Nations and corporate installations, Cars 1 car per 3,5 Earth Resident, Bikes, wheel chairs, mobile equiptment, handy and garden tools, Greenhouses, IFO Ships, flights, aviation Toys and extra unit generator


21+ Billion JENS PETER KETTLES pruduced before year 2100

Value estimated over 1-5000+ US$  times  21 Billion JENS PETER KETTLE  value is  21-105+ Trillion US$ (

for households, industries, cars, trucks, air-crafts, ships, boats, camping, military and SPACE Satellites a.s.o. There is no extra grid cost build on or integrated in excisting construction and new build. Primary decentral production to grids high supply security and minimum waste in Power on electricity spend grid wires as toaster/air-dryer as today firing fossil as capacity backup Power general concept. Future market Power consuming i.e. an IFO jet 2 MW spend to "go" and get a liter milk or a burger, open windows and heat on, air conditioning and drying air saving heat, SPACE flying, energy spending no object pollution remark that and energy no limitation. Further road construction sunlight laser melt of layer to drive and walk on, bricks as melt to stone made of dessert sand.  Fresh water restoration in ground, food supply for Earth all survive SPACE impacts for years an energy storage in foods and biofuel.



50.000  2 GWh OSP Power Plants * 0.5 Bln. $ Profit

= US $ (25 Milliards).

Entrepreneur corporate asset/value international:

50.000 OSP Units * 1+ Bln. $

= US $.

Entrepreneur Power/Electricity and Heat production the Real Value all years (100+ years):

2.000.000 KWh (2GWh) production * 0.15 $Cent per KWh profit * 24 Hours day * 365 Days year * 100 years

= 262.800.000.000  US $

= 262.8 Billions * 50.000 Power Plants

= (13,14 Milliard)

value asset to book-keep in SPE favor.


 Tel. SMS: +45 - 29887911 (C) SPE 1. FCSRS State


SMS One A4-CONTRACT to me + enclosures.

Or Corps de Diplomati personal delivered.

My treasures a Global Management Climate in part handled by United Nations and myself. The unique goal in State Business in National Economy by energy product, manufacturing and new economy on incomes to Tax for Nation in how we act is the Law in how we bookkeep but not now a days to sustain as goal all in line with United Nations Sustainable Goals PROFITABLE.


Up throughout historical time the peoples life situations created ideologies written to many basis politics of glasses to see civilization. Modern psychiatry prescribed the human behavior and brain. By new times of handling economics by record for justice the bookkeeping human activities locked in patterns how activities function from actors point of view made the Legal. New observations then gives a new and next reality, what means the obstruction of my business and State purpose in box crime by Agents in from many sides in life struggle of an agent way of life unsustainable and will not change to be continued for masses our civilizations.

The old hord of devastation managements demands further and further service and prohibitions of the new coming the up coming and the capital market in service of the old to sustain not free competition to let intelligence win, and media made entertainment of how things done the old fashion way to propagandize old any success more and more force used in have to work out winner but never. So when realization an economic tool of cleaning up branches. The former richest and from that most powerful in by Money Democracies not a by people mandate from direct voting by the people end as anarchists, Marxist Pigs, derange outdated, and question rice when cash wealth do not follow performance in for people, then how a leader of any community categorized juntas.

The "patient" marketing own achieved by employees in market sees now richer is I JENS PETER in from my engineerings is bookkept treasure in holding the energy futures. Then observation is market and ends where to old men, but the Marxist ends butches it self in never on the new track of a new situation by fresh observation and engineering of our time.

There is no room for terror this State flight Planet Earth. Terror it is to fixate and take nation hostage by tools of economics excluding market NEE of survivals. Power for power in it self and people not allowed to know as passenger, and their justice ignored made criminal. Junta patient old gang in business now proven militant suppressor of peoples vote pro survival. A High Jack.



To change to no cost total what so ever and to engage by friendly Nations to build next era treasures not a cost any Credit Empire an optimum a national currency to buy all up. Remark SLES profitable to invest in by Laws of today, why finances is the key to Market Economy solves, so why no SLES Investors but anti capitalism a fascist communist operative anti me JENS PETER starting 1970'ties enforced 1996 the of FCSRS State published and Marxism ruined in both China and Russia by my writing and State to State Diplomacy Acts.


 The big mistake of theirs not handling me proper cash for our businesses to flourish.


As I see it I could have had hundred of thousands employed after year 1972/1996 and forward producing SLES world wide today and we could have seen CO2 declining and climate change reversing. Not even a share mix basis in my SLES of any acceptance by the business enemies for some in part criminals. Costumers, clients, suppliers, Governments and energy sellers making and investing both own brand, time, effort, in here all to be compensated by criminal corporate gangs, and any extra cost in and for fake power supply and in billions.


The business enemy to face long papers in Energy, transport and Engine industries almost all and any worthless in by fact capitalism is more clever engineering of my intelligence product presented takes the market national and global. How petty you are yourselves in showing hostility towards my wealth, businesses, state purposes not to be any part in my legal operation winning market and global economy out of your reach ever. Millions will shift employer, millions of corporate change owner or being closed and your credibility is in catastrophic Minus therefore by common trade and banking you to be realized in short. Your opposition is costly to respective nation why to bookkeep national losses and cash due to nation, why from case to case billionaire to billionaire paper owners can be nationalized to prevent loss is turned to incorporates what simply dry lost on tax system in what I never take part of, so you can never balance your sheet's in my values, treasures and assets etc. The balance for relevant nations is its from me guaranteed balance no bankruptcies in I balance by moving in when hostility has died out....


The markets to realize my engineering is taking place, and many mastodons are simply possessing old former high trusted value but now junk. Transport sector going to 95%+ reduction in fuel consuming on magnetic engines and from power plants powered my JENS PETER KETTLES, Real Estate and most industry in by automatic cleaning, in all total new engine industry by engine concept for driving, sailing and flying even rocket design. In by national macro economics China as first license holder and as Sole Heir will and do benefit in energy guaranteed its civilization to last by my NEE Market Products. Who is next to be willing to sustain in mind U.N. has voted political finances remain the Sustainable Goals. Taking position against is then against U.N. United. More to it against own civilization in being last if any deal not by owner JENS PETER but by China a sovereign superpower as Nation to be in business of the realities the NEE Productions. If and when not for old gangs products protectionism the labor market from unsold old products die out and a reality loosing is as all know it mass unemployment, import cost on clean cheapest energy in hold from leases, franchises, rents on 100 years energy in loss of sovereignty own governing the this century NEE Industry but when to China. The only way and move is the West Community to deal with me JENS PETER in person as private Contractor not to lose influence on national economic scale way over the head of philosophical philanthropic billionaire old in business out of touch this new era of NEE thinking by product no longer after a century in search of cheap endless clean non toxic energy by product winner SLES Engineerings my State and corporate for the size of value not under other Nation but own State how mine continues with inserted public leadership from Heir. Now what Westerns?... In fears of competition and realty to push aside...


Market is on going being established sooner or later going Net Energy Earning, NEE. No nation in respect for itself can turn away from a path to sustain. Waiting is a loss and later deals including turning down owner avoiding respect of ownership is loss of sovereignty in by fact other powers and market for exclusive friends of mine takes the action and make the business. The petty it is old industry bosses don't face starting later is never ends winner of the race in geopolitical successes and national income thereby influence on the way of life. Interesting how all Stock Exchanges world wide has got no trade market of only NEE Businesses, thereby all exchanges set for devastation and not separated in on or of the track going to true Sustainable Goals voted by United Nations year 2015. SLES Engineerings fulfill the UN targets and goals and not yet on the market place hold back in no finances to my businesses and the world in on hold so the old businesses of burning a devastation of resources what could have last year billions fire optimum. This motive gives responsibilities to compensate for loses bringing the will of the people to an end not even for realization, what on a yearly basis in State for respective nation cost in trillions, what can never be paid by fact time lost and resources burned. NEE MARKET not on the Stock Exchanges what showed the financial institutions are far behind reality of impact from my engineering when hits the market, and this in a manner out of corporate and hostile States influence but hard core market principles by friendly nations for respective nation paying me royalties. Production can start up under no signature from me and payment stays national at my disposal. The old Fossil Kings and Queens to lose drastically in my business not on share basis commercial but State to State business in taking over global energy market and geopolitical power by control of energy market. Not in for supplying me JENS PETER with finances will show to study how a few commerce business people do bankrupt nations like USA, U.K., Holland and other nations in huge difficulties in holding on to own controlled transport and engine industry and currency market of their own dealing with energy matters, and huge national deficits will acute in search and reach to fiscal balance deficits made in from losing in market competition loosing to JENS PETER ENGINEERINGS by product. New times. Face it old gang.


Mastodons fall in never accepted any competitor in market and their product running out of resources. New and better products published by me JENS PETER from my business SLES, Straight Lines Engineering Systems and for Sunlight Laser Energy Systems. SLES is the future in engineering a next global economy to take place and a new world order is happening after my releases after 1996. Mastodons fighting to compete and put aside laws on Sustainable Goals on energy and the fact all superpowers has agreed on private property international includes Copyright, Patent Pending and Pattern Protection Laws, and before that still Law when theft of properties made international Police Notifications for decades, law is Rights stays inventor even when no patens pending and pattern protections stamped official made. By clocking the time of thefts by hard evidence and in drafts and notes the engineering presented here public the fact is invents exists at the time. Mastodons attempts on moving away from reality a century superpowers challenge on who got energy for capitalism western to last, is now happening Asia by China won first run. By china is heir the equality's in as mush for me as mush for China plus after invents in friendly nations secondary and design Rights to use in manufacturing my JENS PETER ENGINEERINGS by SLES Products and be a part of the transmission to new times where energy is safe, unlimited, clean and cheapest possible, what means capitalism won over it self in can succeed in need and demand market economics not running out of energy or resource producing energy. By light no slitage is made in sealed maintained Optical Solar Panels in no part of the production is any limitation of 10 billion people living highly modern State Planet Earth Life. What else to have both China and Russia to go capitalistic social responsible after reading my FCSRS State.


 Total market Fake Renewables about 293 Billion USD Year, in process and propaganda anti Net Energy Earning both aware, and not aware of productions their fraud and criminal no matter any their calculation of NEE. Net Energy Earning not a policy but hard fact calculation, why hard criminals of the branch both corporate, State and Unions to pay back all.




Rec. 20161205 15:00 & 20161213 CET

Energy production  Nordic/ Temperate Climate Zone right from getting light. Why burn when not needed. Note house insulated so in-door from Light could be tropical warm day and night. Parcel 1000 M2 over 10.000 KW year avr. / Day Heat = 800+ L. Oil / Day.

Optimum is Optical

This website contain the optimum perscripted for solar energy cells in what psychical science can reach in about solar energy Light basis.

Other types of panels on the market reach effect 15% KWh power or heat of all incoming KWh Light only lasting 15-25 years and effects drops.

Price per M2 almost the same aound US $ 1.000,-.

Savings: Square: 1: 10. Space Rockets: 1: > 100+

Compared with none Renewable global frauds in sustainability, anti United Nations Sustainable  Goals Propel-windmill only 1000 M2 SLES price one million US$ output 10 Mega Watt, and not just 4 Mega Watt delivered when windpower price  off-shore US$ 5-10+ millions Real Production Cost.

24/7 Spot Suncells works in all weather including Space also moon and star-shine, temperatures (fire to Polar frost also Kelvin Zero), pressures (lightning, fire-arms, Electrons, Oceanic), under water, rain, snow, hail, ice, fog, dim etc.  thé Optical Spot SunCells in metal (Mirror) produced in Deep-Drawing or by forms in right shapes produced also in mineral, cheramic, organic etc., and cover seal in Panser-Glass (Table/Window Glass) produce cheapest electricity in JENS PETER KETTLES from Light as ressource over Steam Generator to electricity and provides psychic record KWh with  minimum waste heat loss. In dark and over nights electricity steam generator produced over heat exchanger or fed with Light in Sunlight Laser even satellite transmitted globe around, Nation to Nation, time zone to time zone. Commune to Commune. House to House as producents too.  The of all and any kind of Solar Cells Energy Optimum holds my SLES.

In Picture: Rail/Fends Light & Heat Panel KWh Light is up to 90+%, KWh Heat is up to 8+% of incoming energy. The 90++% depends on mirror quality, 100% is invented, and Mirror Pipe Ø=1MM and how thik the MP walls are. Ie. 1/100 Milimeter is about 10 Milimeter per Meter is 1- % of Light income dereflected. So 99 % of all incoming Light hits the Parabola Mirror. 95+ % Mirror reflection and 90+ % reach JENS PETER KETTLES, there 97+% is made electrical Power. Heat is then about 8+%.

Continued from above illustration.

By JENS PETER KETTLES 97% of the 90+% of all incoming energy can be made to electricity and power existing grids up to sizes of nuclear power plants effect easily. Nordic under 1 Km2 collects 2 Tera Watt energy per hour (2.000 GW or 2.000.000 Mega Watt per hour year avrage).


A simple calculation is for a typical parcel house on a parcel of 1000 M2 fends or cover

100 * 100 * 3 Meter = 3.000 M2


The KWh income is about 1,1 KWh per hour Nordic and year calculation is feds 2M + fendsroof 1M2/M:

10 $Cent profit per KWh * (3.000M - 50% effect) * 24 Hours * 365 days = 1.314.000 US $ your year profit income.

Investment: 3.000 M2 * 1.000 US$ = 3-6 Million $.

Electricity in USA is sold from over 20 $Cent/KWh.

Thé State of all States optimums


~ The Light Age

Forword, Let all vote my State. Democracy right...?

 Group versus individual, group problem is individuals, corporate is legal body, State is State a state not an individual. State is legal body, individuals and legal body can be condemn but State remains. Bodies loose. By Body Worth Planet can never go bankrupt nether can a person insured, from Legal Bodies, Nature and Planet and Star rise in value needed in any sustainable target goal. Value first then cash print a new logic from JENS PETER.

By changing accounting to Body is worth a million to shop from on limited account for free in the term education, civilian or military duties fulfilled, in All Kind and Legal a.s.o. The Administrative Engineering of running the accounting is in part todays supermarket accounting at the cash register in no bookkeeper hired there. All shopping goes direct in sales accounted right, and at the same time deducted storehouse and at all time correct balance. International to be agreed the Account Plan, the list of products categorized in by example foods in the dry weight by sort of protein, carbon hydrates, fibres, waters, content of agents a chemistry damaging health a some level also taken care for customers The People the composition in chemical reactions in blood stream of several agents reactions against public health, salts, sugars, pastry, greens, seeds and nuts, categorized further in medicines, health care, service also meal of the daily hour a.s.o. Alcohol, cigarettes, candy and chocolates and sweets and take away separate account. Capital products are i.e. a car, bike, house, boat, electronics luxury, sports gear, travel, gifts, extended own breed family in numbers etc. for a start. A long with time the defined basic needs can be adjusted to we have as mush as we can handle with respect as private property belonging to take care of in product living time.

Entering a future market the sales is limited in control of MyCard in what has been shopped in numbers and frequency latest under the limit to be able to buy more grossery of the same in basic needs. Luxury products and capital products for a job or education doing both income for State and MyCard holder to invest freely in all State for Nation running sustainable holding Net Energy Earning and recircling of ressources. By this psychotic shopping patterns and life-style illnesses can be prohibited and decreased drastically. The FCSRS State Accounting Principle first of all ad a rise in the Economy in Legal boom in assets for State adjusted to sustainable demands in growth, and  for Private Household earlier expenses for both State for Nation and the citizen then becomes income.

Income i.e. from the FCSRS State published 1996 schooling a leaning legal is like a CD Rom with program for a here BIO-Computing the Brains. When leaning and or working the BIO-Computer get more qualified, reliable, correct, competent in hardware the computer in working place or teaching gets of higher value and asset income to credit the owner, when BIO the Legal Body of MyCard to go shopping. The more clever computing, the higher value, the higher inome, and for all basic needs like earlier costs in giving birth, have Kindergarten, have school, go to University, heath care, life-study, creativity, elderhood, funeral was all cost now in some areas income to BIO, and State Accounts can overswim in cash.

Again. Cash no object. Value is. So Ecomine now.

End of prehistoric acts in record named book-keeping by old laws of how life was taken for granted in one win one loose the Debit and the Credit, in basis slaugter named capitalism in disrespect Intelligence and in All Kind and Cicilizations to stand of a starting point historical crimes of today Planet Scale Crimes for records.


The matter is changing the bookkeeping laws international for State for Nation Accouting method. To the regulation of consumption planing of spend in ressources minimize waste in production and moving the produced around the world for being sold. Consumption rise by the fact more developement and more creativity bookkept assets for the people the Legal Body owner also State develope programs engineered. No longer will cash be any limit in Real Value because The People value adjusted to real life needs in developement to lift us all as civilizations in progress to develope hyper modern in both outmost very high tech civilization can live side by side with Nature People civilizations basics fulfilled in an understanding of Nature, the habitats, the interactions all to survive along with developement and in here cash no object in designing futuristic in how we built our infrastructures and travel in moves.

The MyCard is personal according to age of the body and health condition served by State, and works like a credit card being posted deducted in the PLUS on account not starting life situation as a credit mess debt prison in paying (over-) billed, where all shopping is in separated account numbers of each grossery. Regulation and black trade impossible to fool justice in markets got a the Registers, the bank transmitting all accounts and under-accounts, of central account and to central server the gathering of all MyCard user transactions. Registers with USB output or else what on a push of a bottom on the register creates on instant the holders of MyCard (Also in a Mobile Phone as PC) status in cash, Exchanges, bank and credits, warehouse and positions at any position even for satellite mobile Registers anywhere. Justice for black trade and Tax Laws on labels on stimulus and medicins products, and market cannot be sold in other stores at same Label or quantity, a market separation, so justice and inspection and costumers easy can recognize legal from criminal market products.

Socialist organized ruling of legal body, in any part legal responsibility of anarchistic acts, can be voted i.e. lose voters, income, education level, when acting without mandat as responsible as delegated, what by other words are sharing of sourced among legal bodies by act guilty later lose authorization even freedom in undermining State in relevant cases. Cheat and limitation of freedoms in shopping expected as common sense.

We rule, no law rule.

 Right opposite, The Law Rules.

 Why not a public voting right now.

F uture C apitalistic S ocial R esponsible S ociety State is about other five, B A S I C, is pure Waters, Food,, Energy, Justice and Ecomine not a EcoNoMy, a mentally based in sound psychological in respect for Organics, a Dynamic State Writing after basics turned contra on yesterdays time age, will give win win, Nature and Mankind very DansKeen, all legal winning holding Legal State Planet Earth and Legal Votes for next Presidency.

Legal Law, The Allowed Law.

None Socialist state, own legal body, own value book kept (Hyper Capitalistic), Own act and in group legal act responsible (Hyper law state), Clean living pro living (Hyper Christianity) on highest science and Nature and DATA evidence, reality intelligence basic based (Hyper modern Humanity), Intelligence race differentiation (New Race defined Hetro Human), new laws Organic Law, Genetic Law (Optimization on skills, intelligence based), New Ecomine not EcoNoMy (Traditions conservatism falls, Eco optimums), name Dynamic State is STATE PLANET EARTH, ISM is ClaireVatIsm

Have the perspective, see the next horizon smart in our time Light Age, be worth a million WeShare not how to win a million quit. Work and time is not limited, income and finances are not limited, when P rise, T ime, Quality, R ealized S ervice - W arranty on any product and labor even paid life time education as job has been national and international under our State Planet Earth.

State Planet Earth all living life living on own limited account spending, and all Legal income, material and or immaterial account value and spending all agreed. Giving out per person or family in millions to spend, is not FCSRS State but un sustainable, party life away in consumer race, pollution, who to pay for clean up ignoring my clean energy tech Sunlight Laser Energy Systems, and pay cash due environmental my bill presented after founded my State in 1996. Other who is found responsible in credit wins daily basis over Truth of Today the real life cost this generation this year not tomorrow.

Growth is then no longer limited or any other boble EcoNoMe, but EcoMine, our Planet Share also mine and even Planet in balance plus endless SPACE Programs and our life form can continue Legal State Planet; State Earth..

System then must be allowed and how to do Laws, we do, we did, we store, we won legal way. The only standing winner, why my State, our State in Stock Shares never sold on all time ages winner. Point Intelligence wins Psychics, Organic, combined Genetics, pair and win win situation, last yet a new Logic my Law. Hetro Human and Nature and Ressources are new book keeping assets, environment and Net Energy Earning in energy is in too book kept in Finale Accounting my State Planet Earth on Stock Shares for Legal Law, The Allowed Law.

When running any business starting signing debts, all and any asset is at risk of take over what suits banker, bank credit owner, politics, other corporate State forces to undermine own life well being, corporate continuing and own status, why NO WAY.

Now to you all again since 1996 and childhood of mine expressed: Take it or leave it - Legal or illegal, your choice, my then our winning?... ...

So conclusion is shop my stock capital product and energy shares from me to show national interest, buy my energy, have my State share by seeking it personal.

Serve this Planet Systems legal pro life, not only party time away on next and my generation time work and service but serve your respective nation.


 Head on State Planet Earth

 Mobile: +45 - 29 88 79 11 (C) State Planet Earth

FCSRS State 1. Edition 1996 click:

Picture translation:

This candidate is systematic, self controlled, self confident. He works hard full of energy, but his workspace and work force is limited, why his capability to act efficient is influated in sales. His work planning is on a long term basis and his contact to client is good and full of understanding of needs. To clients and colleagues he is open ..., warm and a welcoming personality (social capabilities). But as salesman he can act to nice to his client. Intelligence Quotient is satisfied but his capability in about complex math differentiation is low.

Baby Children

My personal Sperma is on sale since y. 1997. One child for the deposit of One million USD $. Blood same prize all in cash. Tested by State Laboratories: Guarantied all fresh, no genetic disorder, no illness psychologic and mental including my blood. Body NATO E+. Personal profile of seller and owner testet best possible 100% in Stability, 100 % in For Seeing and 90% in Predictable. Personality smiling character and can be too good for the client. Only personal delivery of my Sperma. Further examination by Psychiatry Doctors over many year and never observed illusionated and no illnesses, sufferings, psychologic defect. Examination by highly experienced Doctors describes my brain as only intelligent, competent, on by for Doctors in specialist Medicin and Psychiatry after reading my FCSRS State in megaloman about abstract, paranoid about analysis of my given enemies, skitzofrenic about I understand and competent spiritual none illusionated in variated normal brain work by competent valuation of thoughts/energy. Highest brain discipline in intense insane environments. Analytic and environment mental stabilizer. Co worker safety patient and in deputy Doctors public working area time after time. Observed by circumstances present objective and gives argumentation like always. Legal working Doctors writes in journal from the beginning 1999 they coloperate with I Jens Peter, years later 2012/13 in a group examination by young Doctors ladies most attractive figures and brains stated: Peter you should have been Doctor, as State Licensed psychiatrists. In private the deputy Doctors made strip for me on nightshifts', invited me to their guard sleeping room, one deputy even followed me in a dance for a kiss. Young Doctors ladies was told and prohibited contact to me after way to many flirts. So was I. Discount to friends.

Video staring Tina Turner : "Private Dancer".

Price per baby child from JENS PETER in person to person only, in text lyric cash price.

Video staring Christina Aguilera: "Can't Hold Us Down".

In this song and presentation international most selling Christina Aguilera informs about product what cannot be hold down. Listeners are to spread the word. Said is: Little boy. He talks so Bee, my State Flag for a child? Bee is also a man and a message is from the artist about a new beginning for us all. At this time the American singer and actor is single and informed about my sales and the FCSRS State so is Label. They talk so bee, small and for the girls around the world.


ATP Pensions and Capitalbank State controlled political, the Head resigns today. Two time Mr. Carsten (Latin. C Danish a K) Stendevad wrote back to SLES a No! The head later shopped Propel Windmill corporate suppliers even invested Off Shore Propel Wind all Wind invested got no Net Energy Earning but huge energy deficits in thousands of Giga Watts. USA is his base and welcome as capital Dollar Economy, what Energi is, servant. His fraud in serving pension holders as clients has been disloyal and all employees in Denmark has for over half a century paid contributions to own pension elder hood now by billons set in Vestas and Siemens and more to take the losses and remark nul invested SLES by Station Energy Negative They What? A spy proven on the lose to continue work contra Denmark? EU? NEE Civilization. Excuse family health condition a spy message of DANGER?

Why That De Vad? Spion...


 Record: 20160826 1920 CET


 Local Galaxy Thé Star State.

 Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State

Banking, Nordea Nordic, largest Bank

Nordea Head after aight (8) years as Head of the Bank pro no NEEP-Propel windmills promoting coal and steel fabrication Anti Windtops and SLES. After years of mailing the Bank the head resigned last year. Now he is to lobby as senior advisor in Blackrock finance institution U.S.A., so again the elite spy's in Scandinavian Banks redraw to "homeland" of ideology, economy acceptance of Dollar influence often in biggest Credit provider in Banks, then a spy as protector of finances in Dollar inserted Head to protect geo-politically called "trusted". In other Banks in Scandinavia other foreighn capital providers are seen, so of how mush is actually Scandinavia of its respective Nations own suvereignity fulfilled over the years after FCSRS State released year 1996 (West Calendar) but a straight Zero in Scandinavian goal can only be to dominate and controll the global energy market from homeland true European. The weakness in Scandinavia is no institution of domestic National Service protected by Official Office in State for Nation, so all Nations can invade by finances foreign capital as a dependency in convinsing local power holder of given weakness often constructed global finances in smaller is loser, but in reality "smaller" can show Big Times in valuating respective national engineering never losing it to an Superpower in cash built-up priting cash for the value. This demands the residents of the Scandinavian nations can file own value in for Tax, not to have taxation but for Government to be able to list assets of big value for respective coin-print of their own even for Royale nations people do hold value to file before skipped in selection projects serving "group" before Nation respected.



Head on State

Date record: 20160905  2218 CET, SPE



UN agreed 2'rd of August

thé 2016-2030 plan:

Goal 7:

Ensure access to affordable,

reliable, sustainable and

modern energy for all.


Remark definition of word "Sustainable" no Net Energy Earning, then NOT sustainable. Earning is profit. NEEP stands for Net Energy Earning Profit. This gives basis for taxation in existing cash volume in sound business, what sustains in energy kept rising in civilization, then lasts. When True Renewable then True Sustainable the criteria Energy Breakeven all project and linked consuming and growth for year billions.

S L E S  is holding NEEP, not a matter of subsidizing, because can compete in free capital market Reversing Climate Changes. Burning fossil ressources creating CLIMATE CHANGE a warfare. Take out of Carbon deposit by no refill a rub.

No Energy Profit, then a civilization full stop in a near given furture.

Fossils a resource burned takes over 25 million years to reproduce in by Nature. Todays for casted consumption fossils last under 50 years ahead. The continuesly burning, what creates continents becomes desserts like the Sahara dessert prehumen made. Dessert build up has started central South America, State of California, and Asia and Africa and Australia drying further out.

Long paper speculation on fossils as limited even legal to eliminate and will will no longer sky rocket in price, with its profit for fossil branch interest a by cost growth including feudal regime States business as usual income.

Electrical power from Sunlight Catching cost price producing for State under USD half a Cent per Kilo Watt (KWh). Fully cean unlimited energy in by light concentrated passively none mechanic. Low cost price makes the SLES most profitable for Nations to change energy concept and transform to none CO2 emisssions to reverse climate changes to planet ideal.

Transport over land on cheapest possible electrical for cars, trucks, busses, rail, bikes in all when burning Bio-Fuel or solar over a JENS PETER Kettle, going to enegine state of magnetics in all on electrical. Electricity on battery buffer driving, sailing or flying even rockets on power electricity by SLES Tubejets Engines.

Worse eample in frauds in Green-Revolution is none renewable propel windmill power of cost per KWh from 20+ Cent per KWh before State subsidizing, and propel windmills on steel tower an energy deficit to produce, so a fossil, garbage, fuelwood power plant basis polluter for steel production optimized. Mining for steel often nuclear powered.




Take a good look at this photo of a Luxmeter what meters light. Light is directly measured in Lux equal to Watt per square Meter, 3 x 3 Feet. In the Meter at sunrise is figure 12 000 Watt or Lux, 12 KWh. From Wikipedia you can read PV Solar panels reach typically under 50 Watt per square Meter, M2, not average. but optimum performance over living time under 20 years falling effect. SLES Optical Solar Panels transform via JENS PETER KETTLE over 90% from light in heat to electricity world wide no matter weather.

All OSP Field fully recyclable after a product living time up to over 10 000 years on satellites even longer year millions. And price starting at $ 1 000 /M2 and electricity cost price under half a Cent per KWh (1 000 M2). Fuel market will close over and out in fact for consumers about $ 3 000 year cost fuel ends. NoFuel for free in light and water, and product car cost could be 5 years earlier fuel cost of then + $ 15 000, the same as todays engines and Royalty 20% plus 5% energy produced on car to JENS PETER, SPE. The lasting SLES Product Optical Panels can be in use for 100+ years, so can carros in Alumin.

Remarkable the 1 M2 a Liter of fuel per M2 at daytime for central heating. In a central heating system a hot Water tank also combined heating up rock (Light Fire Place) KW is store reloaded in heat during daylight. The existing heat system is funktionel all needed bigger storing capacity. One Liter fuel per M2 South wall (Calculate in swing OSP Plates in front of window glass) and roof og a house is vertical M2 typically over the same as basis area og the house. So calculated 150 M2 x 8 hours daylight x 1++ Liter fuel at shortest days of the year temperate nordic = 1200 Liter fuel effect every 24 hours enough for own use and as business to supply the local community central heat pipelines in KWh output a profit.

In energy spend the last fire in supply chains is the one preserved marketing climate or clean energy product was and is the ongoing energy deficit and civilization don't last. Corruption in Party support and consult "jobs" in plan of work scoring profit, and jobs. But the jobs should have been made Net Energy Earning basis in my JENS PETER INDUSTRIAL INVENTS by products Optical Solar, JENS PETER KETTLES, Windtops, Magnetic Engines. Then politicians or is it in Office could avoid jailing for conspiracies in here against human kind. Warlords by energy and money.

SLES Optical Solar Panel performs very deferent in working optical, why all 12 000 Watt not 50 Watt electricity but 12 000 Watt heat goes to JENS PETER KETTLE and transformed to electricity a power generator in SLES Power Plant, what can supply heavy industry not as low voltage power but strong power for heavy machinery and heat production reversed from light to power or direct as heat in washing machines, boilers, kettles, central heating, air conditioning etc.

Remark an NEE Battery Car or hybrid is not driving longer on fossil produced electricity or true renewables only electro engine is the saving in consumer place, but at power plant producing the power got heat loss, the waste energy in fuel, so efficiency is zero saved but in reach of pollution limited in filtrating gasses. In Denmark >90 000 000 000 KWh is consumed by burning in Denmark, EU, yearly most on transportation in a population og about 6 million people. Battery cars is connected to grid and last KWh is made from dirty coal and burning biomass. Remark loading batteries are not made true renewable by dirty windmill produktion with Energy Deficit by factor 10-25+ from steel production etc. (See NEE Calculation how), what means not building propel windmills would have lowered CO2 green house gas and caused less Climate Change.

12 KW per hour is for sunrise (Same as 0,9 Liter fuel heat/ M2, look hand palm in shadow from the left in picture). If a car should drive on PV Voltanic of 50 Watt/ 1 M2 optimum full daylight 10 KM/ L is 13 000 Watt/h. 13000 / 50 W = 260 M2 to drive a car economy 10 KM/ L, but when electrical fuel efficiency of 50% on axil rest is waste heat in engine in chimney and else, so the fuel effect going electrical direct is times 2 so driven is 20 KM distance. The fuel efficiency standards of today i modern car engines.





PURE  ENERGY Sunlight Spot Laser to replace any organic (can rotten) burning of fuel-wood, dirt, harvest, waste, coal, gas, gardening cuts,  foods. Link in picture on "Fuelwood".

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 Power Plants Optical, JP KETTLES, Windtops, Magnetic Engines,Tang Doorbell Knives and Harvest Equiptment Sails, Housing, Licenses...

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SLES Contracting: Nations please invite me as owner of my designs and Engineerings. New-Built min. 20% Royalty, min. 5% on top of Power sale, Legal Body of State and my cash-flow stays National. Your versions look like....? Feel free to invite me to your Embassy to have a briefing from me in doing business.

International consult, advice and speeches. Timetable US$ 25.000,- plus Tax and expenses up front per begun hour plus per Interruption, any disturbing including when not for free SMSing or MMSing first including subject and agenda before contact same price table cash due per bank transfer to me first hand in person. Copyright fees 1 $ per word per copy, can be negotiated. SMS me for free on Media discounts contracts.

Kind regards JENS PETER

       P R E S S   R O O M


Version: 20170813 CET SPE.



Place: Gilleleje, North Zealand, Denmark. Photographer JENS PETER

Sky: Up left seen human torso Rihanna hair cut at the time, zoom in and you can see Space Craft two engines from the behind towards in center my initials JC, Jens Claire in sunlight. To the left of center you can see in shadow clounds JPS, my initials Jens Peter Schwartzlose. Over JC in Light you can see illustration in top downwards Lion, Crown, body holding Light balls with the Intelligence own head molecule H2O for water with magnet lines between atoms lines up in Light. Between flag pillars you see a bird flying left in picture ower center flag pillar it might be a Space Craft with wings. In all Intelligences hide in steam as clouds.

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 BBC: Mr Trump's pick for Secretary of State is Rex Tillerson, head of oil giant Exxon Mobil, which is being investigated for allegedly misleading its shareholders over risks to the climate.

Latest Big Oil investigated USA / International.

Big Oil for justice, share holders a Corporat heading their back free of compensation demands climate change lead to material damage and life costs even wars. $-Genocides.

 The principle in solidarity's to pay then ends later cases only the corporate to pay, but broke, then State by Taxpayers pay not Corporat. Insurance Corporates refuse for reason Big Oil has got professional but amateurish criminal even war criminal dominant market speculation enforced its sales for profit about most wars modern time highly commercial mixed what creates conflict sells weapon, later war and gasoline and diesel tops in sales all to market and deposits sold out the maximization a branch for corporat.

The Big Oil investments 1970'ties in Big Data the electronic calculator database programable on the market and database a sheet of lines where figures lined up automatic added for cost, percentage the profit, what war profitable looser pay by national resource i.e. Oil, Gas, Diamonds, metals, earth rare, food stock etc. All way in database fuel spend when war State pays and corporat scores business resources by investment after rubbing, killing, advantage as power over tribes in debt prison strings, what as power and war expertise as educated over less educated gives responsibilities as superior acting human but no humanity but manipulation to lift value out of hand the territorial possessor it's people kept under to by time forgotten now all enemies consumer in economy buy your property.

A plot by repeated scripts by war plan starting what then who to unload start-up make debts, create growth demand, sell own products, score by war by setups instability a agenda, and supply gas, powder, jewelry, power, latest earth rare IT toys secured own market a business but reader a war crime and misuse State weapons and uninformed personel and population to danger result own instability in Nation ongoing civilian war in few loaded most slaves for debts in casualties. How casual Hollywood production can it get so very figured out now no cover.....

All way profit and fuel consumption from first weapon machine to bulldozer for a mass grave its people. In mercantile and sociology all know commercial sales steps through government make people think by demand, set people in debts, control leaders, don't analyze for masses in TV and Radio to manipulate for a gain others war, behind the Big Oil, Big Data (Big Capital). Check question: Why are the people on location high value resources objects not the carrier of the items, the produces developed products, the educated alternative legal economies a sharing but reduced paid or debted slaves and who got the "jewelry"...

Who sits with the Database in computing 1970'ties logging bookkeeping profit, when war, who admits: President go to war?

 United Nations 1960'ties talks higher level international by education to people, purpose when can talk less wars, less shooting, lawsets international law implanted by U.N. work up after WWII hardliners up 1970'ties under regular nuclear world war cold war on TV talks.


 CO2 contains Carbon, C, what by psychics as coal is brown/black but in gas with Oxygen, O, is transparent. Greenhouses are houses with glass roof and walls, what lets light enter and when light hits a surface turns to heat wave, what stays indoor. Energy (heat) wave reflected and temperature rice is evidence not something to believe or not but fact proven by termometer or infrared images in degrees, CO2 from burning named from beginning greenhouse gas. A public understanding of a learning by schoolbooks and magazines in the 1970'ties.

The transparent form of Carbon in gasses works just like a glass house name greenhouse where the Carbon in Carbon Dioxide or Methane and else is wide spread and in structure invisible works by know psychic's as glass plate an insulation also known Astro Psychics where gas planet in far distance from a Star is hot. Heat trapped all known 1970'ties public.

Climate Changes by hard evidences many and biggest desserts expands and cost of damages from changes also makes climate refugees in by farmland also wilderness no longer can provide food per square for it habitants and localities planet wide breakdowns and nature and people have to move or die or as examples be fed from other territories without breed control to end up war against terror. Well who is strategist but sales in weapons, food transport, and real estate for new breed also migrants.

The bill for damage not paid and about justice remark burning is not needed in fact from 1996 my published FCSRS State announced Net Energy Earning achieved and the Optical Solar Panels introduced civilian use by fact a Galon fuel all income effect per square Meter.

Big Oil not using the accounts made from government investment making Big Oil privileged in finance in cash volume to win or buy or by war win global energy race. But lost and in process criminal not investing else but energy burning a waste optimum, and cost from remark public known climate change seen and further risk major disorders planet level a science early 1970'ties public and magazine talk and writing. Not willing to invest by accounts tax-freed paragraph purposes a tax fraud in up to 5 million billions achieved in no other winner accepted but lost by strategy all against my business then USA lost Dollar energy currency USA's biggest volume of $.

After 1996 nothing invests under me in my business my products holding Energy Breakeven and producing energy the Net Energy Earning, but burning optimized disregarding many U.N. reports on people and nature and planet suffering. By 1970'ties all superpowers made clear in television that energy a challenge in having enough, clean, endless at possibly no cost.

In all monotony one way the realization of planet resources highly a prophet to follow a systemacy of profication from store of no owner present or its representative, middle age patriarchy religious in gather for God to impress as servants, but no God of Creation as individual but performances engineering galaxy top performance, and in Space gender and ruling for travel what skills never subject for manorders a dictate result in realization named Big Capital again and again the out run an idea runs manic out of observation or respect consequences "public secret" when Junta governs basis own businesses not State regarded to respond to even pay back in evidences "God Fear", and what industries has happened to i.e. creation salt, coal, highest performance anatomy life forms, even energy (Paranormal) and intelligence by race, and biology by looks not fact in microbiology understood ever in the bibles to now. An avoidance in writers suppression of the knowing, where is concept going wrong in time and personal responsibilities over lived in writers death before catastrophic enters. The letter of sound invented. Death taken a winner to justifies what not understood as prove of strength, what is not power of the intelligences not to handle but fight. In psychiatry such person is named lust killer, ignorant paranoid suicidal life enemy liar.

Check questions. Who creators defends of the planet scale engineerings, what ever Lord to arrive and from where any owner basis if Legal. Law and justice check question: Who judge wrong doing and violation against result creation but true to a will and meaning Life lasts legal. A logic even to any dead living The Lord of any creation made not given to systematically breakdown, realize, capitalize, pollute, vanish by genes but the meaning modern life continues intact a planet balance defined all climate zones regulated stabile, and preserved as goal to fulfill life in the forms continue after creators work done. Control question: Who vandalize for some unknowing named psychopaths, idiots, all way criminal against all can vote also nature do respond.

A perfect planet in engineerings including local star system our Galaxy State defined public. Who to give presence to a given Galaxy Fleet a representation of Creators returning of the work proven to show a writing of figures after year thousands of realization against sustainable and non recyclable Acts plundering a planet, a rape on ressources and wild life a gene pool and livestock minimized and planet in disorder in races and intelligence not legal managed.

Now a days planing to concur other lifeable planet and own planet civilization not mature, run Legal and no peace with mother Nature. What example to turn to the planet next but failure by only examples have failed and as escapists flee to explore an entertainment on what to realize a next capitalization of Real Value never learned nor respected nor understood to pass on. What priesthood to step forward to meet questioning from a given power in how mush value in a note of paper value for a planet Lifeable... How mush real value resolved in the oceans, how mush life hidden in soil to hid evidence practical devastations and erasing evidence, who to talk a metal as trade unit to bring in to Space even payment accepted but life for life, why priesthoods in fears.

Why not Big Capital the remains of antic calendar economics in all not valued is for free, other races of no rights in end paper, gunner is power and Law to give in of what not understood all intelligences and way of life where humanity sound rules by natural order even unwritten not a habit path in when powerful no respond given so to continue and when all (thought experiment here) capitalized a realization last survivor and to hold a meal the Big Capital the biggest butcher and manslaughtere of man kind and nature and environment living technical even walking out as Adam and Eve after bribing a given Galaxy Force by Creators a ultimate megalomania.

Welcome reader real life and sound letter invented not for nature sounds all ignored, some in Capital Letter, sorry Capitol letter. Slavery is...? FCSRS State by JENS PETER: Born millionaire and live on account all life, the how not sustainable, and how to take advantage of people but no way.

This was and is superpowers competition in winning global economy. By fact all civilization demands energy and enough to continue as civilization then planet to reach math here Energy Breakeven. This was public known early 1970'ties at that time oil energy crisis and panics and terrorism and wars over oil, what still last. Recall I publish 1996 (1972) but fossil branch do not change by no invests in my SLES. This gives responsibilities. My power, and wealth read more how organized

Latest Big Oil investigated USA / International.


Mr Trump's pick for Secretary of State is Rex Tillerson, head of oil giant Exxon Mobil, which is being investigated for allegedly misleading its shareholders over risks to the climate.



 Rec. date 20170102+03 11:07 CET SPE.


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 ~ The strongest chemistry by the brains themselves, how? Communicative Psychiatry on Realities. What is psychiatric on what reality, not who, then what patient on what basis only realities. Basis Life route is settled?

Goodday patient, no giving after here, you will not pay back, question is could you ever pay JENS PETER compensations, why war to fight you out and away paying bills listed for half a century guest without host.

No taboos here, all to settle. High treasoner guilty to ever walk free alive is you homo partner chineese oily without any what so ever mandate to deal my cards ever in "coal" writing, after being in the west serving China as spy proven for decades from JENS PETER writing your guilt his insanity postulated proven being your freetime keeping I JENS PETER fighting stupidity oppotionists on you their hero walks free of trail an international War Tribunal alternativly "The heiritage never went in", a screen play JENS PETER leaves the West.  A Jew script in time solves but nothing, being excapist ! So I follow my treasures for good my Legal standing.

About your illusions winning wars in infights, is lose about you like partying and have your facades sminked?

Patients personalities typically ready to die for a given sake basis illusion, tradition, thought-habits being manic in selling ideas others to run for i.e. love, food, sex, free time, ideology in point of views all basis choices also divorces, in Act when resistance starting out threats of violence and revenge of higher purpose, religion of a sick running brain falling by opinion a pooling, High-Ego in free fall, includes dropped sexual goes forced ego drive and selfsex, now ready readers of JENS PETER, common criminal to punish. Doc. Soap (Doc. Med.) yours weighted by publics now. Producers, Vegetables masses made how?

Oh dear evidence of masses produced weaker than industry concept, then why pill. Human by Nature means not over 50% invalidated breed from birth, so what and whose concept states sick? Pills where from, ideology what competences in acting Lord of communication. A pill never communicates. So anti-communicate is anti Human our skill not being animal nor vegetable but All Kind also Nature on who by what learned to interact but slaughter, then what is bookkeeping but executions every line book kept. Reality folks.

Strenghteners fired Shrinks after meeting JENS PETER, how many starting year 1994, developer modern anti any psychotics by stimuli and training concept "NoPill" starting early 1970'ties for Doc. Students.

Dilemmas military intervention interactions in Civilian in setting brains targeted in life routes.

Continues Wake Up calls year twenty dreamers. They see me and Legal stalking.

Difficulties replying stating my name and business, then what is hidden agenda about Getty Pigs KGB's freaks... Freaks freaking out out of words on reality not any Soap, but factual not to beat but follow to live fully. When arrives your Planet Shrink a call to Court I need what is cash due, the case Common Wealth bottom line interests civilized, are you civilized Unisex Freak-outs are the real patients running Office, not any JENS PETER BUSINESSES, then what Mr. Patient ?

Who is small my State...? When figured out a political pupu in easy meals voters easy bought by commerce TV. When defined psychiatric casualty, do you know it, reality a combat scene. JENS PETER is please state my Title and names, the bastard is who? As shrink to strong for you to show any potent talk on realities, fear a Shrink planet competent, you are then... oh to impress force and violence going nationalism Red outfit blacks, now status patient is JENS PETER only sane. You are? Reply patient "politician"... diagnostics. Reality please, say the words about JENS PETER patients, we then all informed your psychosis, minor difficulties, underdog status.



State Planet Earth

Record Date: 20160729 08:39-15:24 CET, Version: 20160801 08:15 CET

Telegrams, A Proceeding collegues...

~ Labels the "rock-fellers", IT gangs.  DO U.S.A. HAVE GOT LAWS.

★ STATE PLANET EARTH ★ Planet Security, Law.

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 Now State Planet Earth is having a good time national accounting for nations in money print released in posters and websites on how to manage Asset Based Growth in real time real value build-up at no cost but profitable investment and new jobs creation in reforming the energy sector world wide. This spionage heads in USA and else in alliances lost in battle over All Right reserved engineer and inventor after industrial spy thefts, why Patent Pending, Pattern Protection and Copyright locked world wide where not in hand me, and my State SPE.

My coming finances in multi billions (1000 million) from SLES Licenses, Royalties and Commission KWh global sales are made for to have basis infrastructures both national and housing including industries electrified and in heating going to direct over heat exchange in light by heat typically all planet daylight 1-100 000+ Watt per hour per m2 my engineering and Rights Optical Solar Panel, and products in the change to my concepts transportation products. To Power over JENS PETER KETTLES. And more.

The less Heat waste production of over 99+ % in Power production by SLES is replaced by Optical Solar Panels what works connected to existing central heating. The OSP Panels are cost efficient at around $ 1000 plus fitting and gather income effect from global typically 1 - 80 Liter (0,4 - 30+ Gallons) a day from daylight, what can be stored in heat for later consuming.

From the enclosed interview all can read a judge as next head of FBI as Director. The times of steering the world as stage to creative bookkept "right"/best figures or stand in wheels of fortune for USA might be over, and replaced by neutral analyses of how to reach winner goals in by justice and international Law.

Further the former spy head of National Security failed in "manage" me JENS PETER into boxes of no moves in business, a sitting duck, for a take from, when and if USA Gas Kings could turn the situation of Legal Wealth into their winner by take-over of intellectual properties in position legal responsible no needed burnings causing climate damage as war in use no finances for SLES to reverse and decrease damages and harm to Our Planet, as business Professional Responsibilities known from insurance polices terms.

USA ended up to stand loosing USD as world trade in energy in oil and gas for Gas Kings lost to SLES Techniques any future any global dominans, but crimes on planet scale effort building greenhouse molecular without Building Permission. By businessmen and politician made headings for the Intelligence community USA for rescuing a dying branch of fossils ended nation has lost by fact not holder SLES and no legal attempts...

The crap and nonsens on USA and even global economy is build up on basis fuel consuming and transport, what cannot afford to reduce consumption by over 99 % in from JENS PETER KETTLES where all burning takes place for same output electrical KWh in production. Tactics in delaying energy tech revolution from SLES implanted all Power Production, Heat and even Magnetic Engines to burn and transport yet an other day of no consequence catastrophics and damages to Our Planet.

The policy makers as business in special interest and private fortune self-service of egocentric goal against Human Kind and more, makes me more efficient than Adolf Hitler's Gestapo second world war, in I hold a Legal basis as any Wiesenthal having "you" executed, in fully eliminated for conspiration, construction, even justice murders against my person, work, life-purpose in SPE State by SLES by your primary weapon power use of money at my none disposal. You a U.N. defined War criminal.

You really are one of a no kind, more criminal than any "Reich" and my decision is finale. I demand and make here a death penalty in absentia in speculation against the entire planet health, Legal economics, survival civilizations, cultures, people, nature, system in balance including climate hereunder pollutions of the Human Race. You as creature manic in rutine collecting coin from business elimination planet security in short and the longer in position the more criminal, dangerous, conspirator undertaker civilization by finances in energy crash by shortage supply, or pollution giving damages of no capability compensating nor will to date, and no SLES Production running to HAVE REPLACED fossils, to die as guilty reader and lose all property, immunities, wealth, renome, family in all out of the Human Race gene pole forever standing verdict SPE!

Highly irrational, irresponsible, egocentric bad losers in dead policies living on lie against own people, other people and the progress energy, clean, cheap, available for all, in no understanding grammar school physics for age 12-14 at 1978 West schooling (SLES) and capitalism in invested MUST MIX to stay in business, where old tech dies out replaced by more clever, more efficient, more clean, more lasting, higher profits, real value growth, less debts creation a full scale new direction energy and global economics on national scale everywhere.

The past is past and not returning in ever prevent development and intelligence to over win to solve situations and civilization to become sustainable, why no one legally can be against my State business of SPE. Time is up. Bad invested tired cash in wrong doing is defined losses what goes lost. That's how business goes on wrong path against world opinion, consumers, races, Land, communities and entire civilizations.

Now year 21 after my release 1996 to United Nations on SPE and NEE+ reached and old gamers continue false tracks to profit against Human Kind and All Kind and Our Planet. War tool cash in lacks for me and my State and by my accounted recorded published all know richest person, and State for Globe.

Losers in cash their limitation cannot accept leaving stage back in to the crowd as outdated, as ended corporative, lounge, syndicates, who never prestated "Winning for Planet" in writing Legal Body for all to all, and by selfgoals illustrate them bandits in no responsible professional businessman manners, even as Nation only talks no action by technologies presented solving capitalistic planet in economics, and climate crises.

For reason no contact to me JENS PETER owner SLES told a zero in by weapon finances and cash no production up solving for nations under U.N. has defined money as weapon, so war. Business heads and their lobby craps sees me competitor, but only Legal and most profitable and highest value for nation, thé economics in industry NEE+ Products of wind, solar, kettles, engines a.s.o. makes envy hates, intolerances and bad excuses of USA got addiction to oil and gas in heat and transportation, told people over decades including wars of no need for oil and gas fighted out over the Our Planet in huge deficit for nation except the very few gas kings kept in business.

The negativity as bad looser from gang of philanthropist gas kings makes USA in a death spiral of wrong doings, with world opinion against the American in making any constructive winning for protection crime and criminals defined terror actors. The gas kings and gang never made it president nor King playing the All Mighty Lord in devastation in capitalization of thé Our Planet and SPE. Read more in posters and to share out to all members. The world media prohibited by devastators any newscasts on NEE+ reached by my SLES Products my released public relation year 1996 the FCSRS State on SPE and Energy Net Earning product.

The thought on idea basis the Law is no bigger than the stack of cash, and votes a matter of exchanging winners in a personal policy road of a mix the heading as Nation not rational, direct, time waste correcting, and bridge a talk-show, never holds initiative versus my instans of my State in presenting why and how by own techniques to have a true winning for most and all.

The cash spending on worthless false renewables in part use State money to promote energi deficit and more pollution on basis frauds in marketing, secrets investment key figures thé minus to account a loss in real value in Coin, for voters bill loosing relatively to other nations, so without mandate in State crimes a contra spy act for foreign powers in result as fossil business by its politicians having a share in return reelected.

The corrupted attitude in cannot compete in losers panics over time of no return but further climate catastrophics unpaid, uncompensated, without refill ressources and never intended to work legal is a manifestation in how capitalism is under breakdown an any former KGB dream goal in the West in productions of no value in Legal Accounting value, but realization time and cash all lost invested zero-value a Minus.

Drill Baby Drill as runway to end of fossils, and on its way lost SLES solutions to hold as nation by vendetta against my person and business purpose. In set-up my life situation lacks of cash never understood for Americans thé nation not a business, my wealth an accounting of assets for national bank money print in real value growth.

Thé opposition to SLES and climate changing to reverse it, never understood my accounting on common basis business both private and State, what is not a cash is power but realities on truth by the book published in part of invents of my property to balance pro nation(s), what cash a credit paper never can pay but by growth assets.

To the Law one for all is a world leader. USA need a Legal flight plan not how to avoid difficulties as fearman, but how to place Nation on the path to sustain is principle in running State for Nation and its people giving them value in reach. Thé capitalistic Dream goal the party is paid for and celebrations in becoming success a true feeling basis of heart to Our Planet.







Status The 20160923

You will find my sites very controversial honest to Law. Take good care in giving strong opinions of your own and like me if and when practice refer a basic Law and you can study my writing on UN basis the Ecomine and basis energi future NEE. I am hard on the US in what suits special interest and not all. My cases are pro Planet not a Nation but NationS... To hustle Big Oil you find I use Law and place by evidence richest pro USA me not Big Oil or Credit Kings. Now cases are ongoing what Nation to do practical in how finances my way or USA lose Dollar energy economy.

USA not defined any corporate, any union old tech but by the peoples vote in fully informed before votings. Factual is The West lost any future of energy money flow in currency not any western coin. To have a The West energy economy in flow, what makes USA Dollar largest cash print world wide MyCoin to be accepted a new unit for trade, a new coin has been PRC policy and strategy for decades since USA Dollar not any national economy of Energy belonging but an international matter and substance not for special interests to control nor rule even as corporates make the worlds go to war over a ressource of No Value in fact the future of the event fossil energy will end in reserves runs dry, further the ressource and mentality "fire" is primitive and civilization in proven health risks and climate war by fact climate has changed after the last Ice age and the industry of metals to produce from melting rock and soil, why this industry is responsible for damages and devastation of vegetation even further worse climate changes, what brings now a days in hundred of millions of migration from cannot feed the population and economy cannot hold together, what brings further civilian disputes and war in killings in all hard crime to feed process commercialized as industry a mass killer.

Again to have my engineering and The West any energy economy from Net Energy Earning for civilization to last of their own I must be financed loaded by investors Legal, or military heads proven against civilization of their own as the representants operating against JENS PETER for over half a century for employers of old burning industry in industry sectors a branch not a Legal State for any Legal Nation why I have stated in my Head Quarter SPE these businesses to die out and their "soldiers" in commerce in official uniforms to be shot on instant betraying Nation undermining State in process against civilization(s) even Human Kind of All Kind ignoring True and Real Value and my State Legal Body.

This is No Drill, no fun, no game and has not changed after my release the FCSRS State in year 1996 west calendar and will not change at all in justice principle me working own prosecution against the Energy and Metal branches as primary target of serious crime in energy ignored in how we produce energy for any purpose released again year 1996 and told as soon as 1972 international USA/CANADA/U.K. in Denmark phone bugged hard wire. Legal responsibility from that time and how military staff and Intelligence Bureaus operate simply shows State Leaders for Nation simply speakers for Industry and Accouters all accused undermining civilization and in hard crime of own records and law sets basis avoiding Legal Drive, Legal Behaviors, Legal Regulation of all Human Activity as principle crime to continue ALL PROVEN, so read my lines you got no way out.

An evidence of on purpose I am out of cash, never got cash for my JENS PETER INDUSTRIES to serve the West so West Military Economics proven ANTI The West Civilization(s) and free capitalism in serving intelligence not limitations of old can manage against the rest and all future generations and biology diversity for year hundred of millions ahead as slaughters in gene poll and proven mass killers in setup not a legislation on the heading published, educated, told daily in news but by hiding destination of an entire Planet direction to profit in ever search for next planet to exploited and run from paying damage to posses the cash for life-off escaping responsibilities never handled any reading writing truth on race and intelligences the any modern science to be common knowledge because there in specific goal and business fully exposed why avoided to hide guilt, to avoid prosecution, to avoid a death penalty as guilty for Hell as goal; The Civilizations break-down.

Their economics in all only ideal curves growth going through the roof and any cash of work value never registered to be paid even worked of, never written not in commerce banking education, again and again school avoidance of reality to hide all stated and to continue criminal in act and purpose, why my State SPE written to restart economics my EcoMine the Legal path and dynamic State never static criminal wrong any dead end.

Criminals cannot and shall not have any chance for take-over of mine for ours where Legal, nor rub concept my writing, and my Legal Body stays intact, why robberies attempts only a temporally case of location imaginary illusionared holds never theirs but stays my invent, event, possession, and the continuing not a way of responsibility but evidence case presented in hand of thieves awaiting prosecution only the copy in hand my proceedings. For licenses producing my SLES Engineerings my personal signature in own hand and State Seal needed for The West to ever have from my engineering in products presented made public and given PRC China to follow up as Sole Heir. Any changes can only be forced me giving acceptance following my Will what is not any Devastation Management Operative nor any lie basis the truth truth to only follow.

Thank You.





ALL RIGHTS RESERVED also what you get from this. Enclosure case Rene Linier v/ JP Schwartzlose


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Matematics economy named The Gab, a mouth, and behaviors in politics the mouth open in having finances away from right upper "jaw". Math economics a talking starting 1970-ties and Mathmatics in school Nordic from second grade. On school boarders the coordinate system is standard printed for all to see every shool hour in 1970'ties and forward form 1. grade/ 1. school year.

Presented a figure of an object an named evidence by Law, why Math talk often by low educated or none educated not understood. Simple Math is understood by children and youth ealy state even geometry and 3-Dimentional is teaching by play's in toy's in Kindergartens from 1970'ties. Math is a Logic. A logic is also an evidence by Law.

Doctors are also having fun in when yawning of Math not understood in class is a human reaction to in set back, set back a lean back a go for tradition a sleeper often eats to get brains and get fat at work as indicators. Rules on no Logic an outdated.

Take care of actors using Math language, ask what is meaning of what you speak when rich in metaphors a picture this language not a Math but a low talker of illusionations as psychiatry terms etc.

From my FCSRS State have reason over Act why all need to argue, argue to have fact also evidence in sentence combined in line to goal public or the person is a dreamer self-liar, seducer in wants, demands, greeds and not common wealth a Win Win situation good for both and all kind, so a demergon horny on concure for itself, why always ask what is your goal, where to, why you involved, then a common basis and later in time no surprise in misunderstood the purpose of life path by a fraud-maker. Fraud is a crime. On purpose for personal gains against the majority even Human Kind a Hard Criminal all way to death penalties. Law has been writing for over 2000 years in the West Europe and over 3000 years in China. Law is a regulation and record of life events in good or evil, clean or filthy, truth or lie, growth or demolish all in lines a Math illustated in a stick can draw a line in sand, so Math known not defined by word Thé Math for many year thousands here State Planet Earth.


In Danish first illustration:

OBS. Når kan afbildedes grafisk et forløb økonomisk ved figur omtalt et bevis, som kan mønsterbeskyttes, patenteres, copywrites.

I sjagon ses Kat observerer musetrappe under passage hanekam trappen et fald. Emne omhandlet arrest ejendom fiktion. Spørgsmål det var kattens... Det bestemmer kinese raketten er på kredit, om reptil opadgående med ryg tror alt ender i Øre i billedet kattekonge uden Krone, hunden er en Skotte og energien tabes bagud med halen forrest.